setting and completing path with Navigator

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setting and completing path with Navigator

Postby dgann0n » Sat Nov 09, 2013 8:36 pm

I am new to programming with lejos and I am trying to get my differential robot to drive following a set of waypoints. Everything works but when I call my drawA() method twice in a row, it will draw the same letter "A" on top of the previous letter "A" drawing. It should not do this because points are added so the robot draws away from the drawing at the end.

Since I am calling drawA() twice in a row, it is going back to (0,0) as a starting point, where I really want it to be forgetting all of those points and acting like the previous final destination is now (0,0). Here is a snippet of my method. I can provide the entire thing if needed.

public static void drawA(){

// drives away from letter A drawing
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