Download leJOS NXJ

leJOS NXJ for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X

Download the file for your OS from Sourceforge.

leJOS_NXJ_<version>.tar.gz: Archive for manual installation on Linux and Mac OS X
leJOS_NXJ_<version> Archive for manual installation on Windows
leJOS_NXJ_<version>_win32_setup.exe: Installer for automatic installation on Windows
leJOS_NXJ_<version> Sample projects, for all platforms
leJOS_NXJ_<version>_source.tar.gz: leJOS NXJ sources, for all platforms

The leJOS NXJ sources are not required to write and debug Java programs with leJOS. They are only required by people who want to modify and rebuild leJOS NXJ itself. Also, the samples are already included in the archives for manual installation as well as the Windows Installer.

leJOS NXJ Eclipse Plug-in

You find the leJOS NXJ Plug-in on the Eclipse Marketplace or use the following Update-Site URL in Eclipse:

Disclaimer: Java is a trademark of Sun Microsystems. Lego Mindstorms is a trademark of the LEGO Group. There is no association between Lego and leJOS or Sun and leJOS, or even between Lego and Sun as far as we know.

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