Class MinLCD

  extended byjosx.platform.rcx.MinLCD

public class MinLCD
extends Object

Only the most basic APIs from LCD.

Method Summary
static void refresh()
          Refreshes LCD.
static void setNumber(int aCode, int aValue, int aPoint)
          Sets a number to be displayed in the LCD.
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Method Detail


public static void setNumber(int aCode,
                             int aValue,
                             int aPoint)
Sets a number to be displayed in the LCD. It does not show up until refresh() is called.

aCode - SIGNED=0x3001, PROGRAM=0x3017, UNSIGNED=0x301f
aValue - The value to be displayed.
aPoint - 0x3002 - 0x3005, indicating decimal point location.


public static void refresh()
Refreshes LCD. Has to be called for certain LCD methods to take effect.