Class Sound

  extended byjosx.platform.rcx.Sound

public class Sound
extends Object

RCX sound routines.

Method Summary
static void beep()
          Beeps once.
static void beepSequence()
          Downward tones.
static void buzz()
          Low buzz.
static void playTone(int aFrequency, int aDuration)
          Plays a tone, given its frequency and duration.
static void systemSound(boolean aQueued, int aCode)
          Play a system sound.
static void twoBeeps()
          Beeps twice.
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Method Detail


public static void systemSound(boolean aQueued,
                               int aCode)
Play a system sound.
aCodeResulting Sound
0short beep
1double beep
2descending arpeggio
3ascending arpeggio
4long, low beep
5quick ascending arpeggio


public static void beep()
Beeps once.


public static void twoBeeps()
Beeps twice.


public static void beepSequence()
Downward tones.


public static void buzz()
Low buzz.


public static void playTone(int aFrequency,
                            int aDuration)
Plays a tone, given its frequency and duration. Frequency is audible from about 31 to 2100 Hertz. The duration argument is in hundreds of a seconds (centiseconds, not milliseconds) and is truncated at 256, so the maximum duration of a tone is 2.56 seconds.

aFrequency - The frequency of the tone in Hertz (Hz).
aDuration - The duration of the tone, in centiseconds. Value is truncated at 256 centiseconds.