Package josx.platform.rcx

Access to RCX sensors, motors, etc.


Interface Summary
ButtonListener Abstraction for receiver of button events.
LCDConstants LCD constants.
ListenerCaller Interface for calling calling lejos listeners.
Opcode Opcode constants.
Segment LCD segment constants.
SensorConstants Constants for Sensor methods.
SensorListener Listener of sensor events.
SerialListener Listener of incomming serial data.

Class Summary
Battery Provides access to Battery.
Button Abstraction for an RCX button.
LCD LCD routines.
Memory Provides access to memory.
MinLCD Only the most basic APIs from LCD.
MinSound Only the most basic APIs from Sound.
MinuteTimer Provides access to Battery.
Motor Abstraction for a motor.
PersistentMemoryArea A memory area for persistent storage.
Poll Provides blocking access to events from the RCX.
ProximitySensor A 'sensor' to detect object proximity.
ROM Provides access to ROM routines.
Sensor Abstraction for a sensor (considerably changed since alpha5).
Serial Low-level API for infra-red (IR) communication between an RCX and the IR tower or between two RCXs.
Servo Implmentation of a servo using a Motor and a Rotation Sensor.
Sound RCX sound routines.
TextLCD Display text on the LCD screen.

Package josx.platform.rcx Description

Access to RCX sensors, motors, etc. (Similar to undocumented tinyvm.rcx package).