Class RCXF7Port

  extended byjosx.rcxcomm.RCXAbstractPort
      extended byjosx.rcxcomm.RCXF7Port

public class RCXF7Port
extends RCXAbstractPort

RCXF7Port provides an interface similar to Adapted from original code created by the LEGO3 Team at DTU-IAU This version of RCXPort uses Serial comms, not low-level comms. Serial comms uses the RCX Rom routines which only support Lego firmware opcodes and protocol. The F7 (set message) opcode is used as it allows comms in both direction. This protocol is the same as that used by RCXPort in lejos 1.0.5, although the implementation is slightly different. This protocol is not very suitable for java streams. Bytes can get lost, and they can be delivered more than once. The protocol supported by RCXPort is far better as in provides guaranteed delivery of all data and is much faster. This version is provided for compatibiltity with the lejos 1.0.5 protocol, and possible interaction with Lego firmware programs (such as nqc programs). A two level protocol stack is used consisting of F7DeliveryHanler (which does Acks, and retries) and F7Handler.

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Constructor Summary
RCXF7Port(String port)
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Constructor Detail


public RCXF7Port()
          throws IOException


public RCXF7Port(String port)
          throws IOException