Class RCXLNPPort

  extended byjosx.rcxcomm.RCXAbstractPort
      extended byjosx.rcxcomm.RCXLNPPort

public class RCXLNPPort
extends RCXAbstractPort

RCXLNPPort provides an interface similar to Adapted from original code created by the LEGO3 Team at DTU-IAU This version of RCXPort uses the Legos Network protocol (LNP). This allow communication with LegOS programs or PC LegOS applications. This version of RCXPort uses the Integrity Layer of LNP. This ensures packets are not corrupted, but does not ensure that they get through. Packets can get lost. This version does not support addressing. A two layer protocol stak is used consisting of LNPIntegrityHandler and LNPHandler.

Field Summary
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Constructor Summary
RCXLNPPort(String port)
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Constructor Detail


public RCXLNPPort()
           throws IOException


public RCXLNPPort(String port)
           throws IOException